(WLTX) - Bond is back! Or is he? It looks like the superspy's time has run out. But people will just have to wait for him to die another day because he's got a job to do.

Much like South Carolina, the British Secret Service has been hacked! Someone has tapped into MI6 to make life difficult for Miss M who, in turn, seems to be making life difficult for everyone else. I seem to remember a time when 007 was reprimanded for endangering the lives of civilians. Now, he seems to be encouraged to do just that. The first ten minutes of "Skyfall" has to be the most action, accompanied with disregard for human life, I've ever seen!

It turns out that their hacker is a former disgruntled employee with a score to settle. Considering that he's a former agent himself and 007 is battling his own disabilities, he'd have the upper hand. However, judging from all the physical activity Bond endures, I'd say he's functioning at 100%.

There's been a lot of publicity calling this the best movie of the franchise. I think that's a bit of an overstatement, although, it could easily qualify as Daniel Craig's finest. He's clearly feeling quite comfortable in the role and, for the first time, we learn more about the character's unhappy upbringing. We're also reacquainted with some old friends (with new faces) that have served as a tradition throughout the series.

Now, one thing I might pass on next time would be the RPX sensation. It's basically the closest thing Columbia has to an IMAX theatre. The screen was bigger and the sounds were louder...which I wasn't too fond of. All explosions (and there were several) resulted in quakes that shook not only our theatre but the next four over! It plays as more of a Disney World attraction than a cinematic enhancement. Too much turbulence for 2 and a half hours.

But, other than feeling shaken and stirred, this Bond is in top form and better than it's been in a long time. Welcome back, Jimmy!

By Lee "Double O." Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer

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