Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Friday the state Elections Commission started recounting the votes for all races in Richland County. Then it stopped.

The South Carolina Supreme Court stopped the recount because a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

"This is unprecedented, this is not a normal 1% recount because we want to make sure all the votes were counted in one house district, it has gone as large as the entire county," said Amanda Loveday with the state Democratic Party.

The South Carolina Democratic Party filed a restraining order against the Richland County Elections commission Wednesday.

It was granted by a district court judge who called for the State Elections Commission to recount all votes in Richland County.

"We have seen a lot of issues that show some things might be missing," said Loveday.

On election day Loveday said the election day voting machines were broken and there weren't enough machines per precinct. She says that broke South Carolina state statues.

Matt Moore with the South Carolina Republican Party says the court ordered recount was done improperly.

"It's not about political party, it's not about a particular candidate it's about being sure the law is followed properly," said Moore.

State Elections Commission members started sifting through more than 154,000 ballots, an hour later they were ordered to stop.

"SLED let us know we just got an order. The Supreme Court has ordered us to secure all of the ballots and stop the counting," said Moore.

There will be a hearing next Tuesday to decided if the recount should continue. Moore says he agrees with the court's decision.

"What the Supreme Court said was let's slow down and to make sure the law was followed in the way the recount was ordered and make sure it can happen properly," said Chris Whitmire.

But, Loveday says both parties agree that there are a lot of questions to be answered about the lack of voting machines and broken machines. She says with that in mind there could have been an error in counting.

"But yet when we try to get something done and hold them accountable and that the votes are counted they stop us from doing that," said Loveday.

With the county halted and a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. A week will have gone by without the residents of Richland County not knowing who actually won the election.