Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's been ten days since hundreds of people in Richland County stood in line for hours to cast their vote, and until Friday afternoon, we were getting calls that there were still voting machines at several precincts in Richland County.

For example, there were four voting machines left at the Hampton Park building on Brandon Avenue.

"I am not overly concerned. I mean with what has been going on at the election commission it doesn't make you feel easy and sure about what is going on," said Tige Watts, President of the Hampton Park Neighborhood Association.

Election Commission Attorney Steve Hamm wants to assure voters they did not stand in line for hours without reason. He says all of the votes were taken to theRichland County Election Commission office.

"The fact that someone sees a physical machine does not mean that the votes cast on that machine have not yet been transferred to here, SLED confirmed that with the seized material that they got when they collected all of the cartridges and flash drives," said Hamm.

There isn't a statutory requirement as far as how long it may be before the machines are picked up. Hamm says they try to do so within a timely manner but with the court getting involved the process has been slowed down.

"There is not a missing vote issue floating around. As unfortunate as all of this may be that is just not an issue."

Some voters say this election has left them with more questions than answers and this is just another bump in the already rocky road.

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