Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Sunday, Steve Hamm, the attorney for the Richland County Election Commission Board confirmed that there were at least 30 votes not counted after they were already certified by both the county and state.

Since 2004 USC computer science and engineering professor Dr. Duncan Buell has studied election polling data in our state. This year he volunteered as a poll watcher

"I got there at 6:45 in the morning and that was about the time that they said voting machine number six would not boot up," said Buell.

Last week -more than a week after the all the votes were certified by Richland county and the state, Buell noticed that some votes were not counted on one of the machines at the Lincolnshire precinct in the north side of the county

"When we have votes that aren't counted it does happen when a machine is behaving badly during the day, so given that this machine was behaving badly, given that it was used for curbside voting and the guy that was doing curbside voting was doing a tremendous job... When I got the data Wednesday night before thanksgiving, I looked at Lincolnshire and I noticed they only had data for five machines. "

He says this isn't uncommon.

"Looking at the 2010 data, there is a scattering of machines who votes don't get counted and very often it's because the machines were not behaving, it collected a few votes and those votes didn't get included in the count."

When Buell left to vote in his precinct and returned, the curbside poll worker was using a different machine because the original one kept breaking down.

"But that meant he was using that particular machine to collect curbside votes, so I was expecting that it would have had votes."

And the machine did have votes on it. Less than 30 votes according to election commission board attorney Steve Hamm who talked to us on the phone

""We believe it's a very small number but any number of votes cast by our citizens that are not counted is not acceptable. But it is a small number of votes nevertheless," said Hamm.

Buell says- in his opinion- there could be up to six more machines that haven't been counted.

He also noticed problems in his voting precinct first hand

"Interestingly enough its almost the exact number of voters in my precinct, they also had 8 machines two years ago, they had six machines this time. One was broken and one was used for curbside so officially they had 4 machines for people standing in line."

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