Blythewood, SC (WLTX) - When most artists put their brush to a canvas they're not really sure what the finished art work will look like; however, they usually hope the finished artwork will be unique and inspiring piece.

In the same way, that's exactly how one Midlands art teacher looks are each one of her students when they walk though her door.

"It's not always about the grade."

It's not often you hear those words come out of a teachers mouth.

"It's about trying to get them excited about what they're doing," continued Ms. Gina Taylor, a teacher at Blythewood High School, "and complete it because they want to."

Ms. Taylor is not your typical teacher as her teaching style is progressive.

"I want them to be creative so I try to make a creative environment, that's my goal is for them to be able to express themselves in some form."

10th grade student Jeremy Agema, has learned that education doesn't always look the same.

"There's not just one way to get the answer," explained Ageman, "there's a lot of different ways to fit the criteria of the assignment and that's the best thing about I - that you can be yourself."

Ms. Taylors favorite part about her job is watching the light bulbs click on.

"I get enjoyment from helping students create and learn and it's just really exciting to see them get something and be happy and excited about it."

"She's a really nice teacher and I really admire her because she's nice but she's very honest with you," said Agema.

Honesty, creativity, and care are all reasons why Ms. Taylor is News19's Golden Apple Award Winner.

"This is my favorite class of the day because I get that freedom that I don't get in any of my other six periods and I feel like I always walk into this class with a smile on my face."

If you know a teacher who deserves this award, you can visit any Midlands BI-LO store, pick up a Golden Apple Nomination form and tell us why you think your favorite teacher deserves the honor.

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