Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Three months ago, Twitter introduced a profile revamp, but not every one of the social net's users saw the change.

Coming on December 12th, Twitter is moving that profile redesign to all users world wide.

They announced this change Monday in a Tweet from the main @Twitter account:


New profiles for all! Everyone will be switched to the new profiles on December 12. Make yours awesome today.

See the Twitter blog entry here.

The new profiles will have a header photo across the top of the page, with your default profile photo placed in the center.

See the screen shot of the WLTX Twitter profile as an example.

This profile change comes along for everyone by default, there's no immediate need to change your profile if you don't wish to.

But Twitter will apply a plain grey image behind your profile photo, so they're encouraging everyone to upload a new header photo to make your profile "a little more you, less generic."

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