Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- It's pretty quiet at Williams-Brice Stadium, but the Gamecock Nation is all a buzz with reports that running back Marcus Lattimore has plans to enter the NFL Draft.

"I guess it's exciting but at the same time, I guess it's sad that he won't be a Gamecock anymore," said USC Student, Katie Butler.

"I guess that means he's leaving us, so that makes me kinda sad," said another stuent, Brian Almond.

Lattimore, a junior, has been plagued with season ending injuries during the last two seasons, and for some fans that's reason enough for to forgive his leaving Carolina earlier than they would have liked.

"I'm not mad at him in any way for going to the draft. I think he's been hurt twice, I'm sure that he's prayed through that decision and really feels comfortable about going to the draft and so if that's what's best for him he should go for it," said USC alum Wes Butler.

Still not everyone thinks Lattimore's decision is the best one.

"I think he needs to get an education just in case he can't fall back on football," said Dillon Buckliew. "I think he should stay." He wondered how teams will know what Lattimore is capable of coming off an injury.

Some fans say it's a great opportunity for Lattimore, one that he worked hard to earn.

"I'm excited for him, that's a great thing for him," said Sarah Belda.

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