Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Monday, the neighbors who have complained about the loud noise coming from Rehoboth United Assemblies spoke to News 19 exclusively.

"The issue is we have 13 incident reports with the church from really loud noise," said Sherri Callahan.

Tim Ellis and Sherri Callahan live less than 10 feet away from the church. They say the loud noise has gotten out of hand and they thought it was time that they tell their side of the story.

"I am fine with how they choose to praise; God is absolutely fine with me," said Callahan.

But Ellis and Callahan say the praise and worship from the church is coming into their home.

Just this past Saturday night and Sunday morning, they had to call the cops because of the constant noise.

"Door are shut, TV is on and boom, boom, boom, I mean I sleep and I hear drumming inside my head so the drumming is what started it and shortly after the microphone."

"This is not a religion issue, it is truly, we want the noise to stop and there is an ordinance that requires them to do that."

In the city, the noise ordinance says that at any time of the day "It is deemed creating a public nuisance if a person operates an instrument or sound-amplifying device so loud as to unreasonably disturb persons in the vicinity thereof or in such a manner as renders the instrument or device a public nuisance."

Since their court date last week, Apostle Johnnie Clark says he still feels like they aren't doing anything wrong.

"I feel that this is harassment now, they feel like they can do what they want to do, say what they want to say, so now they can just do the church any kind of way. I quote this scripture, I am like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water and I shall not be moved," said Clark.

Ellis and Callahan have both recorded some of the church services, during the day and at night. They say it's not up to them if the church is too loud. The officers come in their home and determine themselves.

"When they come they don't write the tickets based on our opinion, they actually come in our home, close the door and witness what's happening, to justify the citation they are going to write," said Ellis.

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