Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott says citations alone won't solve the problem of noise complaints against a local church. Scottwants the church and its neighbors to work together.

"I think in policing, I don't think we just enforce the law and put people in jail. I think it's our job to come up with different types of solutions to problems," said Scott, who thinks sometype of mediation could help. "I've been personally on the phone with the homeowner and with the pastor, trying to mediate myself. I do plan on getting the homeowner and the pastor together to see if we can come up with some type of solution so the church and the homeowner will be able to live in the 600 block of Laurel Street with peace."

Until a happy medium is found, Scott says his officers will continue to issue citations when necessary.

"City of Columbia officers are gonna continue to do their job, they're not being disrespectful, but they have to enforce the law, and we enforce the law and then we give it to the courts to decide," he said.

Many have commented on just how close the church and home are to each other.

News19 measured the distanceat just under 12 feet between the home and the church.

The city of Columbia's planning office is that there is no minimum distance required between the two structures. They say each situation is different.

Sometimes there is what's called a "setback requirement" which would put a distance of five feet betweenone building and another's property line.

News19contacted the neighborhood's builder Hallmark Homes. President David Tuttlesaid they won a request for proposals with the Columbia Development Corporation, who they purchased the land from.

The Corporation says prior to the newer neighborhood there was other housing on the land, saying they wanted to develop and improve the community in that area.

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