Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A security firm hired by the state of South Carolina in the wake of the massive hacking of records says the breach didn't take much skill to pull off.

Experts from Mandiant testified Thursday in front of a House committee.

The group told lawmakers that the hacking--which was pulled off by a foreign citizen--didn't take a high level of sophistication. On a scale of one to ten on difficulty, a member of Mandiant said it took a four to execute.

Over 3.8 million people's personal data was compromised by the attack.

Mandiant told lawmakers they know the exact day and time the attack occurred, and say the amount of data stolen would have taken hours to transfer out of the system.

They now say there is no way to know for sure if the hack was caused by a phishing email, but say they still believe it is the most probable way the hacker got access.

Mandiant says they'll have a final report in the next few weeks.