Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- Residents in a mobile home park say they have received notice that their water is going to be cut off this Friday.

Residents of the Jackson mobile home park received a letter on December 13, telling them their water will be disconnected. Unfortunately for them, the mobile home park where they have paid rent is on a single meter. That means only the owner of the park can enter into an agreement with the water company.

"We can't live without water," said one resident.

Frustrations at the Jackson Mobile Home Park in Sumter have hit the boiling point. The twenty or so families living in the park say every month they pay their rent, a portion of that bill goes to water services. But five days ago, they received this notice, telling them their water will be turned off.

"That's terrible. We've got kids out here. We've got to live."

News19 wanted to find out why. Court documents show The Atlanta based, Wiley Real Estate Group, was given receivership of the property in 2009. But in October, the group sent this letter to the water company, stating a court has terminated their obligations to the park.

The Wiley Real Estate Group then told the High Hills Water Company to cut the water off, and told residents to stop sending their rent checks. Without money to pay the bills, officials with the water company say they are legally bound to cut the water off.

John Loney is the executive director of the High Hills Rural water company who says since October, the park is $600 late the water bill.

"At some point in time we need to be compassionate and leave it on. But we also know, from a business perspective, we can't leave it on forever," said Loney.

Now, residents that are demanding answers are left with even more questions. Wondering they will get their water for their families when it gets cut off.

"I feel like, we were cheated."

News19 requested an extension for the park. The High Hills Water Company says they will leave the water on until January 2nd, after that they will have to cut it off. They are recommending that everyone in the park find a new place to live.

News19 called and emailed the owner of the Wiley Real Estate Group but we have not heard back.

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