(WLTX) - I suppose it was only a matter of time before Quentin Tarantino directed a Western. And, to no one's surprise, it comes with a large serving of "spaghetti." But, in addition to all the gunslinging and horseback-riding, there is a heavier issue of the era that is boldly confronted and used here as a revenge vehicle.

Django is a slave that has the good fortune of being unchained by a mysterious German dentist. As it turns out, the tooth doctor is really a bounty hunter and Django is the only one who can identify the men he's after. So the two partner up and, once the doctor realizes just what a rare find Django is, he agrees to help him find his wife and give them both the freedom they deserve.

However, retrieving an enslaved spouse in Mississippi, just prior to the Civil War, is nearly impossible. A very calculated agenda would have to be followed, especially when dealing with the ruthless plantation-owner, Calvin Candie, who enjoys watching slaves beat one another for sport. Not only do they need to outwit him - but also his faithful and perceptive head servant, Stephen.

In the end, it all culminates in plenty of bloody, explosive, offensive fun. Not exactly the descriptive combination one would expect from a film with such subject matter. But it's classic Tarantino and the guy is very true to himself. He doesn't treat slavery lightly. He actually treats it quite heavily. The fact that the movie is entertaining may seem disrespectful - but only to those who haven't seen it. I highly encourage Spike Lee (and yourselves) to give it a shot.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer