Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Saturday, hundreds flocked to the State Museum, not to look at sculptures and artifacts, but to get their family items appraised.

You've heard of the Antique Road Show.

"We call it the museum road show," said Celeste Wszola with the State Museum.

The event is held every year. It's a time where people can come get their family heirlooms and other items appraised.

Dale and Linda Hamilton are big University of Alabama Fans. They brought a picture to be appraised.

"I had it maybe 20 years, but there is no telling how long my uncle had it," said Dale Hamilton.

It's not just any picture... it's a signed photo of one of the greatest coaches in college football, Paul "Bear" Bryant.

"I thought it would be worth several hundred dollars but I was pleasantly surprised it was more than that," said Hamilton.

An appraiser estimated the picture to be about twelve-hundred dollars. Wszola says she sees people who are happy like the Hamilton's and some that are not so happy.

"If it is a lot less than what they were thinking, sometimes those ten dollars you paid for it is ten dollars more than what it is worth," said Wszola.

Don LeBlanc and Ronda Schuffman came to get some family items appraised. LeBlanc brought a camera that his father got while overseas during World War II.

"He actually traded several cartons of cigarettes for this camera, I think it was a pretty good trade," said LeBlanc.

He didn't know what it was worth but the appraiser said he had a valuable piece.

"He said it was around $2,000 and when I heard that I was about floored when I heard that."

Despite hearing its value LeBlanc will keep the camera in his family.

"I will pass it down; I have a nephew that is really into gadgets and cameras."