Pomaria, SC (WLTX) - Just three days after seeing their historic church being destroyed by flames, members of St. Paul Lutheran Church gathered on the front lawn to have Sunday service.

"I have been here a long time, walked through a lot with these people, births and deaths, baptisms and weddings," said Pastor Brent Nichols.

Nichols says he is still shocked by what's left of the nearly 200 year old church.

"For 22 years every time I walked out of my door, this is what I see. It was all so unreal," said Nichols.

But just like every week, members of the church gathered for Sunday service.

"They wanted to worship right here."

Instead of sitting inside the church they are outside in chairs on the front lawn. Not letting the devastation steal their joy from praising the Lord.

"I feel very emotional, this is the church that I grew up in," said Melissa Harmon.

Harmon says she was shocked to wake up Thursday morning to pictures of the place that her great grandparents help build; gutted by flames.

"This was the first time I saw the church since it burned, so the service was very emotional, a lot of memories started rushing back," said Harmon.

In the crowd of more than 400 were people who are not members of St. Paul, Like Terrie Mayer. She has to drive past the church to get to her church, but this Sunday she stopped at St. Paul.

"Just to see the outpouring of all the church communities is just phenomenal, even though we are Lutherans, Methodists, or Baptist, we are still one when it comes to worship," said Mayer.

In the midst of a few tears being shed, all of the members and Pastor Nichols says the church will not let this stop their love for God.

"As important as this building is, the church is bigger than that, we are the body of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit will lead us, guide us and strengthen us and we are going to be ok, we are going to continue to be the body of Christ in this community," said Nichols.

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