COLUMBIA, S.C (WLTX)-- It's a new year, and saving money is on the top of many people's resolutions. We're on your side with 5 easy ways to save, while still getting the things you need

1- Take advantage of price matching. We hear it all the time, but how many people actually do it? Many retailers will match or even beat the price of competitors if you show proof like an ad. Target is also the first retailer that will match online prices of their competition throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

2-Save on groceries. This is an area that you can easily save. Before headed to the store, check online for deals and coupons. Many stores here in the Midlands have their own coupons. Those few extra minutes can save you a great deal at the register.

3- Go generic with your prescriptions. Many retailers like CVS and Walgreens have programs that allow you to get an extra discount on generic prescriptions... many can start as low as 4 dollars for a month supply.

4-Keep your old gadgets and let them pay for your new ones! Many places will pay you for your older can apply that as a credit for a new one. If you have the box and all the can get even more.

5-Measure your detergent!!! This can be a big money waster... don't use more than the recommended amount. Also many brands such as Tide have switched to concentrated versions, meaning you should use even less. A tip is to put masking tape on the fill level so you don't overdo it.