Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Sunday, a group of more than 140 girls spent the day learning new dance skills with the Carolina Girls.

"The girls really look up to the Carolina Girls," said Coach Lindsay Sprague.

For the past 5 years the Carolina Girls at USC have hosted a Jr. Carolina Girls Dance Clinic.

"I like how they do the spins," said seven year old Julia Haunert.

The girls learn how to improve their dance skills and practice for a big performance.

"We teach a routine today that they perform this coming Saturday during the Arkansas game," said Sprague.

"I felt really good," said seven year old Lola Smith.

This is Smith's second year at the clinic.

"You got to perform in front of a lot of people," said Smith.

Haunert says coming to the clinic has improved her dance and cheer skills.

"I learned how to do a hand stand better," said Haunert.

Sprague says it makes her feel good to see young girls interested in the program.

"It's huge and it's so much more than dance. The Carolina Girls are excited for these girls. It's about having fun and having confidence and having fun and just enjoying who you are," said Sprague.

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