Irmo, SC (WLTX) - The number of victims from someone throwing rocks at vehicles has now gone up to ten.

According to the Richland County Sheriff's Department the suspect they're looking for has gone from throwing objects off an overpass, to throwing them out of their truck. Four of the eight incidents Sunday happened along Broad River Road.

"At full force it would have struck me in the head and I probably would not have been here today," said Octerry Chappell.

Sunday night Chappell was driving along Broad River Road, that's when he thought he was being shot at.

"It scared the crap out of me," said Chappell. "A cement block came out of nowhere and just hit my hood and hit my windshield."

Richland County deputies say Chappell was just one of 10 victims of the same individual they say threw rocks off an overpass and out of a car in the past week.

"This is extremely dangerous, the person responsible is going to be charged with attempted murder," said Captain Chris Cowan.

Cowan says he has never seen this many incidents of this nature in his time with the department.

"You've got projectiles coming into the vehicle, you have glass shattering, potential to hit another vehicle and its dark out, it's just a bad situation," said Cowan.

These aren't your typical backyard rocks; Cowan says they come in all sizes.

"We have pieces of rock and we have what appears to be pieces of cinder block."

Deputies believe all of these incidents are connected and they are on the lookout for a white Ford or Chevy truck.

Chappell believes whoever is doing this is someone who just doesn't value others lives.

"It's stupidity, I mean just craziness. Whoever is doing this they need to hurry up and catch them because sooner or later it is going to take someone's life," said Chappell.

If you have any information that can lead to the arrest of the person responsible for these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.