Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- State Senators are looking to fix the problem that booted hundreds of candidates off the ballots last year.

Lawmakers say the "Equal Access to the Ballot Act" would make incumbents and challengers follow the same guidelines when running for office.

Darlington County Sen.Gerald Malloyproposed putting the entire process online,which he alsosays would simplify things.

"I think what we continue to talk about is effeminacy in government, we're trying to streamline processes, and if we're gonna end up streamlining processes this is the best way to end up streamlining."

Malloy says it also deals withwhat role political parties play in the process.

Sen. Larry Martin of Pickens County saythey should focus on fixing the problem that impacted last year's elections and leave other changes to another piece of legislation.

"If we start getting off into the complete filing process whether it's gonna be online, taking it away from the parties, that just makes for issues that we don't need to be dealing with in this particular bill," he said.

Martin said the idea of putting the filing process online has not had enough discussion. He questioned what agencies had been contacted about the proposal and how much it would cost.

Malloy saidtheyshouldtake up the topic now and address those concerns.

"If not now, then when? And so now is the time. And so we know that it's gonna be the most efficient way of doing it so, why not now?" saidMalloy.

Senators put the bill on hold Tuesday. They are expected to continue work on the legislation and other possible amendmentsWednesday.

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