Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Midlands has been pushing the "shop local" theme for several years and some small businesses are hoping to get their products on the shelves of a supermarket giant.

"Our store itself has over 230 local products alone and we're always looking for more," said Kat Mooney-Cantey with Whole Foods Market.

A couple of local businesses decided to take up Whole Foods on that offer. They were invited by the store to set up shop outside, but many are hoping to make it inside on the shelves.

"I hope we'll be putting in an application and I hope they'll accept us soon," said Dianne Light, co-founder of DiPrato's Delicatessen.

DiPrato's Delicatessen recreated their signature pimento and sharp white cheddar cheese to be all natural.

"It took at least a year of testing and tasting and sending it off to make sure we did the right things and the product is correct," she said.

Right next door to DiPrato's table is TLC Confections and Gifts that speacialize in gluten-free treats.

"The trend of more and more people having allergies, and I have allergies myself," said owner Tina Colarossi. "I've had dairy allergies my whole life, I have gluten sensitivity and it's just all around us. So I just wanted to take my business to another direction where people could actually enjoy something sweet and it be good for their bodies."

And they guarantee their dairy-free, gluten-free and wheat-free cookies are still yummy with healthier ingredients.

"There's lot of gluten free things that might be good for your body that don't taste good at all. It has been a little bit of a process justto get the right combination ofingredients," Colarossi said.

After Whole Foods inspects the kitchens of the companies and communicates between their regional office, it could take a while to see more local goodies within the store. But vendors are happy to get a little bit of exposure just outside.

"I think it's justa wonderful things now that everybody's supporting the local people. It just make so much difference. So that we each help each other," Light said.

If you weren't able to make it out to vendor day, Whole Foods has the event once a month.