Newberry, SC (WLTX) -- A man previously convicted for impersonating an officer nearly 20 years ago is accused of presenting himself as a member of Governor Nikki Haley's personal body guard.

William Scott Fowler, 39, of Chapin, was arrested Friday and charged with Impersonating A Police Officer, forgery, and filing a false affidavit.

Investigators were tipped off to his activity after one resident reported to the Newberry County Sheriff's Office that the suspect was presenting himself as a SLED agent assigned to Governor Haley.

Fowler also had identified himself as a licensed private investigator, filed a false affidavit with the DMV to acquire a Fraternal Order Of Police license plate, and has presented several business cards to residents soliciting business as a private investigator.

Fowler was convicted in 1995 for Impersonating an Officer, forgery in 1992, credit card theft in 1995, defrauding a federally insured institution in 1998, along with multiple fraudulent check convictions.

If anyone was contacted by Fowler presenting himself as a police officer, SLED Agent, or offered private investigative services, you are requested to contact the Newberry County Sheriff's Office at 803-321-2222.

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