Columbia, SC (WLTX) --These days you can find apps for everything from chores at home to calculating a tip, and for travel, there are dozens of apps on the market... Here are five that are totally free, and will help you on the road, in the airport, and more.

First pick is Airport Life (download at: - it gives you access to airport terminal maps from around the country, tells you where restaurants and restrooms are located, and even current weather information.

Next up for you is one called Field Trip. (for Android at: Once you install it, when you're walking around Columbia, or anywhere else, this free app will alert you to nearby attractions, cool local restaurants, historic spots, and more. And it's all free info.

Planning a road trip? Visit and install the free Trapster app to find out about road closures, traffic jams, and even speed traps if you're so inclined. The app works from user submitted information, so that's always updating, and it might be useful to you when you travel or even commute to and from work.

When you travel you want to eat at the best spots in town right? Install the app Find. Eat. Drink. (visit

Unlike some dinner and drinks apps, this one uses recommendations from the public, along with industry insiders like some of the best chefs in the city, bakers, bartenders, everyone who works with food and drink for a living. Who better to get dining tips from than the experts?

The final free app tip for you is called WooFound. (download link:

When you first install it answer a few questions about your interests, things you like to do, food you enjoy, that sort of thing. Then as you travel the app will give suggestions about things to do and places to see in the city you visit. You can build your own favorites list and share photos and tips with other users of the WooFound app.

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