Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Sixth District Congressman James Clyburn spoke about voting, immigration and guns at a media round table Monday morning.

He is backing a bill to address election issues with "The Voter Empowerment Act."

Clyburn says the legislation the bill coversthings like early voting andsame day and online voter registration.

The bill also could impose a on hour maximum wait time for those casting ballots to cut down on long lines.

Clyburn says a similar bill was introduced last year, but a different climate could help get some parts of the bill passed.

He also says it is time to modernize the process of voting and make it more fair and accessible.

"I find it interesting, that I can go online as I did list night, to see how much money I have in the bank, to see what bills I have to pay. How I can go online and pay those bills, and then when I got up this morning there was an email that said the bill had been paid. I can do all of that stuff online, but then it'll be too much fraud if you vote online. Give me a break, there are ways to modernize this process," said Clyburn.

The congressman also talked about guns, saying he believe congress would take action on at least two gun proposals.

Clyburn says changes to the background check process for gun purchases, and a possible limit on gun magazines could happen.

The democrat said public safety trumps privacy and he disagrees with arguments that regulating gun ownership violates the constitution.

"Nobody will say that first amendment rights are unbridled.We've had decision after decision in the courts that says freedom of speech is not unbridled. No one has the right, in the most famous line, to yell 'fire' in a crowded theatre and if we can have these kinds of constrains on the first amendment why can't we have constraints on the second amendment? It's just that clear, andI think that it is very, very idiotic to argue to the contrary," said Clyburn. Heexpects the House to follow through onlegislation passed in the Senate.

Clyburn also said says our country needs to create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in our country.

He said that pathway should take into consideration factors like how long someone has been in the country, their employment and what they have been doing here.

"One of the things I think we have to remember here is that a lot of the people who are being denied citizenship and certain rights in the country are fighting and dying in defense of this country," said Clyburn.

He says he does not support amnesty or plans that require immigrants to return to their countries of origin to being the process of citizenship,but he does think something needs to be done.

"If we change, or if we put in place comprehensive immigration reform legislation, it will put people who are living in the shadows on the road to citizenship, but it will also put people living in the shadows, put them on the tax rolls. Many of these people are working off the record. We know it. It's pretty prevalent here in South Carolina, in rural communities all over this state," said Clyburn.

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