Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A gentleman's club on River Drive could be one step closer to being closed down.

"We're going todo everything we can to make sure they close down. They don't need to operate in Richland County the way they've been operating," Sheriff Leon Lott said.

This gentleman's club business could be crushed.

"The solicitor's office already put in a motion to have them close down, have them declared a nuisance," Lott said. "That is in progress now. But there is a period of time before that actually occurs and goes to court."

Sheriff Lott said the ball is already rolling, but he is prepared to go to civil court against Club Crush. And he's planning to bring in some help.

"The community's part of our efforts also. They're going to go to court with us. They're going to make their views known on how it is destroying their neighborhood," he said.

Within two years deputies have ecorded over 140 incidents at the club. Just last Saturday the manager, a bartender and three female dancers were cited.

"We'll continue to write them tickets as they violate the law.This is something that's not a jailable offense, so we write them tickets," he said.

Lott said the citations and raids will keep coming as long as the clubcontinues to operate illegally.

"They've drawn a line in the sand and said, 'We dare you to close us down,' so we're going to close them down. We're going to continue to make sure until the courts close them down that they operate legally," Lott said. "If they don't we're going to go in and we're going to raid them, we're going to seize what we can and then we're going to write tickets.

Club Crush won't be getting the green light for business until they obtain proper licensing, until then they could be seeing a lot of red and blue ones.

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