By Patrick Phillipi, WFMY

More than 100 million people are expected to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, and advertisers are spending big to have their products featured during the game.

Thirty second advertisements cost $3.8 million dollars, breaking down to $130,000 per second.

This number has brought the total advertising spend to almost $260 million, a new record high.

With this cost comes a high stakes game for advertisers to make their ads stand out.

A number of advertisers this year are revealing their ads on the internet early, many more than a week ahead of game day. Although this is building buzz for some brands, many fans who tune in to see the commercials as much as the game say they're holding out, waiting to see the ads as they run on Sunday.

USA Today, WFMY and WLTX sister-publication co-owned by the Gannett Company, has for a number of years hosted a Super Bowl "Ad Meter," having viewers across the country rate the advertising during the game from across the country.

Visitadmeter.usatoday.comto see past year picks for the top Super Bowl ads, along with the news buzz surrounding this year's commercials.

The Super Bowl airs on CBS at 6:30pm on Sunday, and pre-game coverage begins at 11:00am on News 19, WLTX.

Contributing: Derry London, WLTX

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