Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A circuit court judge heard opening statements in the case against the man authorities are charging for the death of Allen Gasque after the 2010 USC win over Alabama.

Curtis Simms, 27,is charged with involuntary manslaughter and breach of peace.

Police say Simms punched Allen Gasque after the 2010 USC win over Alabama and knocked him into the roadway. The car Gasque was riding in ran him over and killed him.

A jury of six men and eight women will hear return a verdict in the case expected to continue until the end of the week.

During the selection process, Judge Diane Goldstein asked potential jurors, "are you a person who attends more than 4 or 5 USC football games a year?" Both prosecuting and defense attorneys have suggested the record breaking football game will play a role in the trial.

"What's up? Those two words caused the defendant to get out of his car, cross over into traffic, punch the victim in the fact, knocking him under the car he'd been in," said Assistant Solicitor Meghan Walker during opening statements.

Tuesday, the state finished their questioning of 4 witnesses. The state could call more than 20 witnesses in this case.

Defense attorney Johnny Gasser said in his opening statements," If they don't bring you these witnesses, we will. The people that had the perfect vision, including people who were standing right where it happened."

Simms faces five years in prison if convicted.

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