Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Photo app developer Instagram announced on Tuesday that users can visit and brows photos on the web.

The move comes as a major shift from the origination as a smartphone only application.

Now users can log into their Instagram account directly online at, and brows their full photo feed of other Instagram users they follow.

Last year, soon after Facebook acquired the photo-tweaking app company, programmers introduced a new web-based feature allowing users to see their own photos, change a profile picture, and add comments or likes to their images. This interface did not provide users the opportunity to browse, comment, or like other photos beyond their own.

The new web based feed is, for the most part, a larger rendition of what users already see on their smartphone apps. One difference users might notice upon logging in -- quite a bit of open space on the sides, that has analysts online already speculating what advertising might appear in the new margins.

For the time being though, the only thing you'll see when you log on is your feed of photos posted by others you follow, and you'll still be able to visit your own photos to edit comments. Instagram has not yet added the ability to delete your photos through the web interface, only directly through the app.

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