Sumter, SC (WLTX) - Sumter police have arrested two people they say stole lottery tickets then tried to cash them in.

Marvin McBride, 23 and Johnathan Goodman, 25 both of Sumter, were arrested on Monday morning afterpolice saythey attempted to redeem some of the winning stolen lottery tickets at a convenience store in Dalzell.

McBride is charged with burglary 1st Degree and false passing of stolen lottery tickets, while Goodman is charged with posession of stolen lottery tickets, according to Sumter Deputy Chief Alvin Holston.

Officers say they took 200 $3, $5 and $10 State Education Lottery tickets.

The tickets, according to the Sheriff's department, were stolen during an early Sunday morning burglary at the Sumter Mini Mart and Tobacco on North Main street in Sumter.

Both men are currently being held at the Sumter -Lee Regional Detention Center were they are awaiting a bond hearing on the charges.

SLED is assisting the Sumter Police department with the investigation.