Lexington, S.C. (WLTX)-- The days of the heavy textbooks, and aching backs are over... all replaced with an iPad.

"When I walk into school I use my iPad to take notes, my Biology textbook is on my iPad, I have a translator on my iPad...and sketch on my iPad," said senior Hunter Bliss.

Realizing how innovation was shaping his education, Hunter decided to start posting videos about the iPad on his website.

"It was just me and my friend Adrian sitting at my house and we originally started thinking these iPads are cool and we should make videos to help implement their facilitation."

Their videos landed the, gold in the South Carolina Education Oversite Committee's 2012 Video Contest on Innovation. The prize... another iPad!

"It was just very weird having all of those important people walk into my art class telling me that I won," Hunter laughed. "But I was excited!"

Every student at Lexington High has an iPad for the school year. It's something Hunter hopes we'll see in every classroom soon.

"The kids obviously have a good grasp on how to use technology and that will probably be our advantage," said Hunter. "A good example is that this iPad right here has more processing power than all of the Apollo missions put together.

That's a really good demonstration of how powerful our technology is."

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