Columbia, SC (WLTX) -The numbers show you are 23 times more likely to get in a car accident if you are using your phone while driving.

State lawmakers who are debating legislation to ban texting while driving had the chance to get a first-hand look at those dangersWednesday.

AT&T had texting while driving simulators at the State House for representatives to try out.It showed how it's almost impossible to drive safely and manipulate the phone to send messages.

The company has gotten more than 1 million pledges from people vowing not to text and drive.

"The overwhelming majority of teenagers that AT&T has polled respond that they do send texts," said Josh Gelinas, a spokesperson for AT&T. "They also tell us that they are shy about warning their friends not to do it. and so we have targeted teens in the past. We're also targeting adults now because what we see is that they're texting and driving as well."

This isn't the first time lawmakers have been asked to ban texting and driving in our state. Over the last few years, similar bills have failed to generate enough support.

The Palmetto State isone of only six states in the country where texting and driving is not against the law.

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