Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Every school has that one faculty member that's every kids favorite.

At Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary school, it's Roberta.

"She's just an amazing part of who we are at Lonnie B.," Principal Karen Beaman said.

Normally bringing your pet to work isn't encouraged, but Roberta isn't your average dog.

"Berta's kind of a genius," said teacher Sherry Blevins.

"We would see her make decisions instead of just respond to cues that we gave her," said PAALS trainer Jennifer Rogers.

Aside from being adorable, Roberta is a faculty member at the school. She's also the doorman. And even helps with the day's lesson.

"She's not just been great for my kids, but she's a resource for everybody throughout the building," Blevins said.

"The school has really embraced her," Beaman said. "All the children know her. They see her in the hall and they wave."

She's only been at the school for a year and a half, but everyone has grown to love her. Andshe definitely gives it right back.

"I had some kids at the time that weren't as gentle as we'd always like but they were amazingly gentle with that dog and very engaged, very in tune to the entire process," Blevins said.

And although she works mostly with special needs students, Blevins said she's really brought the entire school together.

"A lot of times you see kids that are different. There's a sense of that's them and this is us," she said. "But what I've seen with Roberta is everybody has kind of joined over the dog."

At Lonnie B. Nelson, these bumble bees have a case of puppy love.

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