Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - In the wake of former employees being indicted on federal charges, leaders at S-C State are dealing with more problems; this time with enrollment.

The universities spring semester started with more than 300 fewer students, according to the university officials. We're told this hit to enrollment will result in the university losing about five-million dollars.

"A drop of this magnitude is substantial but the focus should be on, as with all students around the country, our students are particularly challenged when it comes to meeting the cost for education and we see that in the levels of student retention," said Eric Eaton, Chief Financial Officer for SC State University.

Despite other issues surrounding the university, officials say the drop in enrollment is largely a result from students not being able to pay for tuition.

"Our challenge becomes multi-fold in that task, not only to raise our enrollment but help our students meet the ongoing increases in the cost of education so that we can keep them in school and graduate and not lose them through attrition," said Eaton.

The university was set to finish the fiscal year with a surplus. Eaton says through cost reduction, the five-million dollar loss should not keep them from still ending the year in the black.

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