Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Raffles are illegal in South Carolina but a bill in the Senate could change that.

"We like to sponsor kids, sort of like a scholarship, to give them a chance to play," said Coach Kevin Key.

Anywhere in the state you can play the South Carolina Education Lottery, which is considered a game of chance. But raffles at churches schools and other non-profits are illegal. Coach Kevin Key says not having raffles would be a burden on his player's parents.

"Of the 400 kids we have out here half of the children come from split homes and another half comes from single parent homes," said Key.

The bill has already passed the Senate sub-committee and is now on the full Senate calendar. If passed voters would also have to say yes to a constitutional amendment to allow raffles. Senator Davis Cleary is one of the sponsors of the bill.

"This is just to allow citizens to help other citizens meet the need of people in the community that need help," said Cleary.

Key says registration alone is about 85 dollars, that includes uniforms and insurance. But there are always other expenses for trips out of the state, hotels and food.

"We have had parents call this year, with the economy being so bad, out of jobs, they can't afford that money up front," said Key.

He is confident that lawmakers will make changes in the law so that nonprofit organizations can hold raffles to help those in need.

"We don't want to turn any kid away if its due to money."

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