Los Angeles, CA (WLTX) -- A new comedy is heading into Pilot mode for CBS from David E. Kelley, creator of shows such as Harry's Law, Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope, and others.

When the networks are considering picking up a new program for the evening prime-time lineup, typically a pilot episode will be written and produced, and the network will then get feedback on the show from focus group audiences.

Sometimes this feedback changes one or two cast members, or kills the show completely, evident in the dozens of programs that never make it beyond the Pilot stage every year in Hollywood.

When these pilots are positively received, the network will order up a limited or full production schedule, and begin testing out the show on-air, to see if the star power that has been cast in leading roles creates draw and buzz around the program.

For this latest comedy pitched to CBS, called "Crazy Ones," is centered in the workplace and revolves around the dynamics between a father and daughter working in an advertising agency.

Oscar winner Robin Williams has been picked to play Simon Roberts, marking the first return to a starring role on the small screen in over 30 years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was announced recently to play Williams' on-screen daughter, Sydney, and is Gellar's second recent attempt to return to regular evening television, following the cancellation of a drama she did for the CW network, titled "Ringer."

Whether or not we'll see the program in the CBS fall lineup won't be known for quite some time yet, that will depend upon a large number of factors including the CBS Network giving the full green-light to the series.

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