Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Early Monday afternoon the corporate offices of Burger King in Miami may well have been a 'McFlurry' of activity, as hackers re-branded the company's Twitter account to look like McDonald's.

About one and a half hours later Twitter suspended the account, while investigations take place to assess how the account was breached, and re-branded to appear with the user name McDonald's.

The primary Twitter handle of the account remained the same, @BurgerKing took you to the page, but then you found the McDonald's logo as the profile icon, and the same header graphic from the McDonald's Twitter account, and the display-name was changed to appear as McDonald's.

The hackers then proceeded to Tweet vulgarities and racial epithets, and references to drug use prior to the account suspension. Some Tweets alsomentioned the International hacker group Anonymous, and LulzSec, a hacker group claiming to have accessed Sony and the CIA's website. @BurgerKing also used the hashtag #OpMadCow, presumably in reference to this apparent hacking operation.

As of 1:45PM the account remains suspended.

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