Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Monday marks President's Day and Columbia is home to something very unique --the state's only presidential site.

"I think if Woodrow Wilson were to walk by today he'd be like, 'That was my house,'" said Carrie Phillips with Historic Columbia.

Nestled downtown on Hampton street sits a hidden gem, Woodrow Wilson's house. The home, built in 1872, and Historic Columbia is putting in a little elbow grease to make this jewel bright again.

"It's been a slow process but we are nearing the end of it," Phillips said.

The home functioned as a museum until 2005 when the renovations started. Phase one, renovating the exterior, is now complete.

"We did extensive scientific analysis of the paint samples that were on the house previously and these colors are what came out to be as close to possible as what this house would have looked like in 1872," she said.

And the landscaping around the one acre home site will also be historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

"One particular feature that's going to be truly gorgeous is a rose hedge that will connect a wrought iron gate over there," Phillips said."It's going to be spectacular."

And more importantly than getting the house in tip-top shape, Historic Columbia is looking forward to educating residents.

"We love the fact that we are able to preserve the history of the city, of the county, of the state for people to come and learn and see," she said."You have to know where you come from tounderstand where you're going."

The house will also feature a museum focused on the reconstruction period.

Historic Columbia says the Woodrow Wilson Family Home should be open by this November.

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