Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott says the Five Points district remains a safe place, even in the wake of a shooting over the weekend.

Scott called the news conference Monday afternoon to talk about the incident. He also released a portion of video captured by surveillance cameras set up in the area, which he says were critical to helping officers make an arrest.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, police say 18-year-old Shiquan Cwiklinski fired shots at a Columbia police officer.

Scott says there was a fight inside The Library, a Five Points club on Harden Street. He says Cwiklinski went to his car, grabbed a gun, and fired at the officer, who was taking one of Cwiklinski's friends into custody.

"That within itself shows a lack and disregard for life of any kind," Scott says. "He [Cwiklinski made the shots and then walked around like he was one of the partygoers, like he had done nothing wrong,"

About six shots were fired, but no one was hurt. Cwiklinski was arrested Sunday.

Cwiklinski, according to Scott, was already free on a charge of attempted murder. The chief says he has spoken with Fifth District Solicitor Dan Johnson about getting Cwiklinski's bond revoked.

"The Library" opened in 2009, and Scott says he's had concerns about the establishment.

"The Library has become a problem in the Five Points area, I've made that very vocal to theFive Points Association," Scott said. "We're not having these problems with other clubs in theFive Points Area."

Scott said he intends to meet with the manager of the club.

In the video Scott released, people can be seen running as soon as the shots are fired. What Scott wants people to see, however, is that his officers were racing toward the source of the shots.

"I wanted you to see the police response, I wanted you to see the police reaction," he said.

He said he's tired of the criticism that his officers are there just sitting around the area. He says when people see the police cars in the Exxon station parking lot, that's because the officers are patroling on foot. He says there are 20 officers in the area at night.

"Five Points is a safe place," he said. "Incidents will happen, but I can tell you that it is well-protected."

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