Columbia, SC (WLTX) --A historic church's cemetery was plowed into by a woman early Saturday morning.

"We've seen our share of unusual happnings around here before," said Doak Wolfe with Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

Wolfecan add another tally to his number of strange happenings. Police say over the weekend 27-year-old Jacklyn Gary was intoxicated and ran her car into the church's cemetery. But Wolfe says this incident was just happenstance.

"When you have a large historic property like this any number of things happen. Some of them are natural causes, some of them possibly could have been avoided by human judgment," he said.

The police report estimates about $3,000 in damage. And instead of being angry, the church goes with the scripture, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."

"We've all done things we've hoped to be forgiven for and so when you're in the positionof beingable tooffer forgiveness you certainly want to do it," Wolfe said.

The church is looking into getting the fence fixed through their insurance. But are glad that Gary survived.

"There's a member here whose parents are both buried very close to where the car struck he came over and determined that the graves were not hurt and his first response was for the well being of the woman who was driving," he said.

None of the headstones or grave sites were damaged from the accident.