Richland County, SC (WLTX) - Richland County deputies say a suspect who fired shots at deputies has been killed by officers.

Captain Chris Cowan with the Richland County Sheriff's Department updated the public on the violent situation Tuesday afternoon.

Cowan says it began around 1:30 p.m. when they got a call of a domestic situation on Broad River Road. Whenofficers arrived, they say they found a female victim with injuries. Deputies began looking for the male suspect,later identifed as 24-year-old Adam Jurgen, and when they found him, Cowan says the suspect fired several rounds at them.

Jurgenthen ran away, and officers kept chasing him until they reached the Whiteford Road area.That's when they say he fired shots again, then ran into the Farrington Way Apartments.

Cowan saysJurgen entered through the front of the apartment and then went through the back of the residence where officers were waiting. Cowan say the suspect fired at officers, hitting a female deputy in her bullet proof vest.

Officers then returned fire, killing Jurgen.

The deputy--Sheila Aull--is said to be fine, but was sent to the hospital to be checked out. Aull has been with the department for nine years.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating.

Because of the situation, three schools--Sandel Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, and Columbia High--were put on lockdown. That alert has since been lifted, and students were allowed to go home as normal.

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