Columbia, SC (WLTX) -What started as a domestic dispute left the suspect dead and a deputy thankful for her life.

Residents in the St. Andrews Acres Neighborhood say hearing gun shots ring throughout their neighborhood sounded like something you would only see in a movie.

"I came out the house and I heard gun shots," said Candice a mother of five who lives in the neighborhood.

She did not expect leaving the house to run errands would put her in the middle of a shoot out.

"I looked down the street and I saw the suspect running past the car, he turned around and was shooting at the cop."

Richland Deputies got a call just after 1:30 about a domestic dispute that started at the CVS on Broad River Road. After the victim called 911 deputies spotted 24 year old Adam Jurgen.

"At that point the suspect fled, as he fled he fired multiple rounds at the deputies as he continued to flee, deputies continued to chase the suspect," said Captain Chris Cowan with the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Cowan says Jurgen fired shots at deputies in three locations sending them on a chase through two neighborhoods.

One of those shots hit nine year deputy Shelia Aull in the chest; her bullet proof vest stopped the bullet.

"She's gone through a traumatic experience but she is at the hospital being looked at but thankfully she is alive," said Cowan.

Cowan says after Deputy Aull was shot, deputies returned fire, killing Jurgen.

"I heard like 10 or 15 gunshots and that was it and I found out the suspect was dead three homes down from mine," said Candice.

Candice says shootings don't happen in her neighborhood, after this incident she now feels unsafe.

"We couldn't get the kids off the bus, schools were locked down, he could have went to the schools and said I shot a cop, I have nothing to lose."

SLED is continuing to investigate.

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