Sumter, SC (WLTX) - Latrell Johnson tells us the district apologized for her son being left on a bus for four hours, but she says that can't take back the traumatic situation that her son went through.

"How can you leave a child that has autism on the bus for four hours?" said Latrell Johnson.

When parents send their kids off to school in the morning they expect they'll be safe and taken care of, but that's not what happened for Latrell Johnson and her young son.

"I thought he got kidnapped. I was scared, nervous, I didn't know what to do," said Johnson.

Just like any other morning five year old Montreal Johnson got on the bus at seven o'clock in the morning.
But this time he didn't get off when the bus arrived at his school.

"I called the school to talk to his teacher and she was wondering why he was there at 11 o'clock and I wanted to know the reason too so I called around wondering what the problem was and they said they would just call me back."

The school district director of transportation called Johnson and said that her son fell asleep on the bus and was later found at Sumter high School by another bus driver.

The boy was all alone locked on the empty bus, his teacher says he was very frightened by the time he go to class

"He is a light sleeper, but aren't they still supposed to check."

Johnson says drivers need to pay more attention to the students who families put their trust in everyday and wants to know why the driver wouldn't take a few extra seconds to check the bus before leaving.

"Please check the kids, count them if they have to, and check them off the list. But I just hope this never happens to anyone else because it is a scary feeling thinking something happened to your child."

The Sumter School District says it is protocol to check buses after each route, so Monday the driver and bus's aide were fired.

Johnson says her son is still a little traumatized and will keep him at home for few days.

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