Richland County, SC (WLTX) -The Richland County Sheriff's deputy shot during after a domestic violence call last week is speaking out for thefirst time about the incident.

Deputy Sheila Aull spoketo reporters Tuesday.

Officerssay 24-year-old Adam Jurgen, a suspect in a domestic assault, shot Aull in the chest at the Farrington Way Apartments in northwest Richland County last Tuesday afternoon.

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Aull, however, was protected by her protective vest. Deputies responded by shooting at Jurgen, who was killed by the gunfire. Jurgen had fired at officers two different times Tuesday afternoon prior to shooting Aull, according to deputies.

Aull was the first one on the scene and says she had a gut feeling that this call was different.

She fired her weapon at the suspect before being hit in the chest by a shot fired at her. Even after that,Aull continued to run after the suspect until she realized she'd been hit.

"As soon as I was struck and we knew the subject was down, I started holding my chest," she recalls "I heard a number of deputies saying 'Shelia are you hit, are you hit' andI said I I don't know."

"It feels like a bee sting. A swarm of law enforcement surrounded me - almost like angels. They had their backs away from me, not looking at me to be nosy. They had their backs to me to make sure no one else was shooting."

Deputy Aull spent one night in the hospital and was back at work three days after she was shot.

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