Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Section 8 residents at the Club at Carolina Stadium say they have been given notice to be out by April 30th.

Susan Tolen has called a one bedroom apartment at the Club at Carolina Stadium home for eight years. On Friday, Tolen received this letter from the property management terminating all section 8 tenancy citing Columbia's housing authority was unable to approve the apartment's rent increases.

Now Tolen says she has no where to go. "I guess live on the street. That's the best thing."

We asked Amy Cote with Aspen Square, the management company over the complex, why the residents were being evicted.

She tells News 19: "The section 8 housing authority is unable to accept our market rents, therefore we have no choice but terminate tenancies. We are not evicting the residents."

"So they've given the tenants 60 days notice."

Nancy Stoudenmier with the Housing Authority says The Club apartments asked the city to assist with rent after making renovations to the complex.

"What's happening at the Club at Carolina Stadium, the rent is going up to $1018 and we cannot pay those rents," said Stoudenmier.

Federal housing mandates only allow for Columbia's Housing Authority to pay so much toward a residents section 8 rent. For a two bedroom apartment, the maximum rent they can provide assistance for is $645.

Stoudenmier says while they just don't have the budget for large rent increases, there is good news. "They still are eligible for the section 8 assistance. So what they are going to have to do is get out there, find some places to live, and start making some phone calls."

It's not just The Club apartments renovations that could effect section-8 residents, Stoudenmier says three other complexes; Spring Valley Apartments, Harbison Station, and St. Andrews may also go up on their rent which could effect upwards of 300 people.

"I don't know what to do," After 8 years in this place, Tolen says she's fed up. "All I can do is pray, and put it in God's hands."

Section 8 Residents at the club apartments have until April 30th to find a new place to live.

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