Sumter, SC (WLTX) - The Hess Corporation has been in our country for more than 85 years and Monday they announced that they will be closing their gas stations.

Most people remember collecting the HESS trucks every year. For one Sumter family collecting the trucks was a Christmas tradition.

"Every Christmas he gets one. He has one every year since 1989," said Linda Harper.

They come in the same white box...but what's inside was always something new.

"I pulled it out and was running the cars up and down the hallways," said Erik Harper.

For 22 year old Erik and his Mother Linda, a HESS Truck was always under the Christmas tree.
So it was unwelcomed news when they found out that HESS was closing its doors.

"That one tradition that doesn't change will be gone and that is one thing that has been a constant in our life since he has been born and it won't be there," said Linda.

Erik has always been around trucks and seeing a HESS truck every year reminds him of an important person in his life.

"It's just a part of being with my dad, because when I was a kid playing with these made me think of dad, because dad wasn't always here," said Erik.

His father is a semi driver and sometimes when the one HESS station in Sumter would be out, Erik's father would get him a truck while he was on the road.

"It is going to feel strange, because everyone sits around and they know that Erik is going to get his HESS truck what is it this year," said Linda.

From a simple 18-wheeler the year he was born to a helicopter last year. Seeing his childhood tradition coming to an end is discouraging. For Erik he just hopes they come out with one last truck to close the story.

"I really do hope that they come out with at least one more. Just an old fashion, like the 89' one we have.. Just let it be an old gas tanker," said Erik.

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