Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The South Carolina House of Representatives voted 73-45 to table an amendment that would haveexpanded Medicaid coverage.

Democratic sponsors of the amendment estimateit would have providedcoverage to between 300,000 and half a millionuninsured South Carolinians.

"The South Carolina House of Representatives turned down an opportunity for roughly 300,000South Carolinians who don't have any health insurance," said Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D-Orangeburg). "That's unfortunate because all of us inside that chamber ...we all have health insurance."

Lawmakers, mostly Democrats, pulled out all the stops Tuesday on the house floor. They told emotional stories, cited USC studies, and read constituent lettersto try and sway votes in their favor.

"There will be another opportunity. I've got another amendment up there that will provide coverage to all these South Carolinians who need it but chances are it will go down the same way this one did," Cobb-Hunter said.

After the vote, Governor Haley released a statement saying, "In overwhelmingly rejecting ObamaCare, the House did what is right for the health of our state and the health of our citizens. ObamaCare would be a disaster for South Carolina, and we should all be thankful to the House for standing tall and choosing the best road for our people, rather than the road paved by Washington's empty promises."

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