West Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Every week more than 250 hungry people are served lunch in West Columbia, but now the organization that feeds others needs help.

Christ Central Ministries Nehemiah Project, along with Turner Memorial AME Church in West Columbia, opens its doors dailyto the hungry.

"The whole purpose of what we do is that we are a faith-based volunteer ministry designed to provide hope, transform lives, and enrich the community," said Reverend Scooter Scott, program director of the Nehemiah Project.

On afternoons,hungry people from around the areatrickle into Turner Memorial AME Church for a hot meal.

Reverend Scott said, "To be brutally honest some of them receive assistance from other places, but their life is such that they do not know how to negotiate life successfully as you and I might, but there is a reason why they are hungry and we are not here to judge people."

On Tuesday, the non-profit organization found itself with a problem of its on when the stove they rely on, would not work.

"We lost use of the stove that we use to cook our meals on and we are in dire straits in terms of preparing our meal for today and in the foreseeable future," said Scott.

The organization does not do fundraisers, so they solely rely on donations and could use a stove to continue to serve hot meals to the hungry.

Scott said, "It doesn't need to be a fancy one at all, we really don't do fancy, we just use what we have and if anyone might any ideas on how to procure a stove, we would greatly appreciate it."

Until the organization can finda new stove, Scott and the volunteers will continue to to make due until someone comes through.

"Right now we are in a difficult situation, I don't know where it is going to come from, I don't know how we are going to negotiate this current dilemma we find ourselves in, but I am sure we will work something out," said Reverend Scott.

The Nehemiah Project is not just looking for a stove, they are also always looking for volunteers.

To find out more information on how you can help, you can contact them at 803-231-8394 or visit their website at

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