Columbia, SC (WLTX) April 24th 2010 is a day one Orangeburg family will not forget, it is the day they lost a loved one to a hit and run here in Columbia.

And now almost 3 years later the family and the highway patrol are still looking for answers.

Tina Bonaparte says her brother Rodney Allen Williams, lost his life doing something he did quite often, helped others.

"Hewas in the Columbia area because he had helped someone move from Orangeburg to Columbia, " said Bonaparte.

It's been almost two years since that day, his family knows how he died, a car stuck him on Bluff road and left the scene.

But as fas as who is responsible, that remains a mystery.

"This case is unsolved and so even though we've continued to live there's a big question mark.This collision occurred back in April the 24th of 2010 in the early morning hours of a Saturday morning , " says Sgt. G.T. Levine of Highway Patrol says, "that's all the informationthey have."

And leads seem few and far between.

"We've seen very minimum. Ones that we have received, we've followed up on. We're still looking for some good positive leads, " says Levine.

"Whether it was an accident. Whether they were drunk or whatever the circumstances. I would just really like them to be a human about it and just stand up and take responsibility for it," said Bonaparte"Justice is such a vague word because he won't come back regardless of the outcome. "