(WLTX) - The Croods are not a modern stoneage family. But they do have modern issues. The most notable being Grug, the overprotective father of the bunch. He tries to avoid all things new and refuses to let anyone leave the cave. But his daughter, Eep, is reaching an age of curiosity that may be too much for him to restrain.

She's especially inquisitive upon meeting young Guy, who claims the world is about to end and their only salvation is to head for higher ground. Normally, she wouldn't listen to such nonsense but this guy can make he must be a genius! Not that she even cares about his mind.

However, that's exactly what Grug can't stand. Guy's creativity is constantly saving the family, making Grug feel like a failure at fatherhood. Will he be able to redeem himself before it's over?

Yes, of course, but he may push you beyond the brink in the process. Grug's protective and fearful nature were just a little too annoying at times. Then again, it was the voice of Nicolas Cage - so maybe my exasperation was subconsciously predisposed.

Other than that, I found it entertaining. Not quite "Ice Age" or "Avatar" (though it felt like a lite version of both). And, since the visual spectacle is the film's greatest asset, I'd say the 3D experience is definitely worth the extra gratuity.

However, for anyone who is not impressed by such features, I see no reason to introduce yourself to "The Croods."

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer

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