Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- This weekend the animated film The Croods opens nation-wide, and Columbia-based Post No Bills built a national media campaign for the producers.

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The animated film is the story of the first prehistoric family, and features the voices of actors Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, and Emma Stone.

DreamWorks asked Post No Bills to help with the promotion. They created four-part mailercampaign to build buzz for the film from movie reviewers, entertainment editors, and bloggers covering both film and "mommy" topics.

The campaign's main feature, stone coasters called "MileSTONES," were distributed four times to coincide with a holiday or event, and those events attributed to, and thanking, the 'First First Family' - The Croods.

The "MileSTONES" included Inauguration Day, the Superbowl, New York Fashion Week, and Valentines Day, and each featured film characters integrated into each event.

The goal of the four sequential mailers was to keep The Croods ahead of the crowd of other film releases, and build excitement about the film coming up to this week's premiere.

Doreen Sullivan, President of Post No Bills, said in a release "it keeps work interesting when you can bring big picture thinking to your local projects, and add small town touches to your national work... It's all about opening weekend, and I hope families across South Carolina go to see The original, breathtaking animation that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next."

Post No Bills is one of the top go-to entertainment marketing agencies in the industry, and works hard to support local businesses and organizations in the Columbia area as well.