Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Governor Nikki Haley called a special meetingFriday with the South Carolina State University board of trustees.

Haley told the board she called the meetingafter what she calls has been "drama" between board members. Haley said she is concerned with their lack of trust and accountability.

Currently the board in looking for a new President. Many of the members split on keeping interim Pres. Dr. Cynthia Warrick. Last month students protested the boards decision to continue the search to replace Warrick.

One Trustee told the Governor he is apposed to changing Presidents at this time with the potential of future turn over of board members. Governor Haley told the board one of her biggest concerns is enrollment going down.

"I think the enrollment is going down because of the news. I think more people are concerned about what is going on at the school," said Haley. "So it is in all of our best interest that it stays a flagship University that we do everything we can so that confidence is built back up."

The boards chairman Dr. Walter L. Tobin tells News19 they hope to have a new President appointed by next month and have somebody aboard by July 1st. Tobin agreed with the Governor's opinion that there has been "drama" on the board.

"We've had our share of drama. It's unfortunate. Some of that is generated by us and some of that is generated from outside influences. But I think we are headed in the right direction," said Tobin.

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