Sumter, SC (WLTX) -Lisa Thomas's son uses a walker.

On Friday she went to drop her son off at Furman Middle School at the special needs entrance.

She wasn't allowed to let him out. .

"I don't want to go six hours a day terrified that something is going to happen to my child," said Lisa Thomas.

Thomas enrolled her 11-year-old son Christian into Furman Middle School in Sumter this week.

He uses a walker because he suffers from a disorder called Trisomy 9-18 that affects his growth.

From day one, Thomas had concerns about where students with special needs were dropped off.

"The special needs children get dropped off at the front of the school with the rest of the children."

A teacher walks the students to their classroom on the other end of the school.

That's a lot of walking for kids with walkers.

The handicap accessible entrance leads directly to the special needs classroom and they are not using it, that's what is making Thomas so angry.

"Christian is currently riding back and forth to school and I bring him, because the buses refuse to use the new access area that was built for the special needs children."

The school principal allowed Thomas to bring Christian to school using the special needs entrance.

Friday morning she was told that she could no longer use it.

"The transportation office said it was deemed a hazard because when the special needs busses would stop, the other busses would get backed up."

Walking down a hallway with other students who may not see Christian can be a problem.

Back in 2005 he fell on a padded floor causing bleeding on his brain and it required numerous surgeries.

"My main concern is not only for my son, its for every special needs student. I don't think we should wait until one of these students are hurt or killed before we fix this problem."

The Sumter School District released a statement saying:

At Furman Middle School, special needs students who ride the bus are dropped off at the appropriate entrance based on each student's needs. When a new student enrolls, the drop off location is taken into consideration. Each child's needs are different, and school officials are currently in the process of reviewing the drop-off procedures to accommodate the needs of their students.

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